Thursday, September 16, 2010

Input why the war continued?

Sogou input method input method in the war, after Google, has another input method with Tencent strength than on the alleged "Search Dog" are sued, "Tencent" unfair competition, the user QQ Pinyin input method to prevent the use of destructive techniques network users to use the "Sogou Pinyin input method" software, while Internet users to input the order of human intervention, so that "Sogou Pinyin input method" sort position is always "QQ Pinyin input method" after ... ...

One who is wrong, best left to the courts to sentence, but the war continued input why do?

The original input for the computer to adapt to the times the product of non-alphabetic writing has always been the people as a non-inflow is a small tool for software, for the Chinese input method is concerned, although the Chinese invented in the input side out hundreds of thousands of species of the type all sorts of input, but also several common types of input method, but can also input method called mainstream ten species, and so far no company that can make the most money by input method.

As people understand the concept of deepening of the network, input method platform features increasingly obvious, application of radiation through the platform, making the status of input from a small tool to be used with the strategic value of a network platform. Through the input of the platform can interact with other applications, reports that: Sohu Sogou input method by successfully making Sohu search market share increased by 1 to 2 percentage points. This shows the role of input, not just enter the text that simple.

Therefore, it is seen that, Tencent said in the input can be the next big original capital to 10 million more than the cost of acquisition of an input group, and on the input high hopes, to build it into inter QQ outside the second network platform, and cross into the horns of the QQ potential, to achieve this strategic objective, taken all the way to quick success Sogou input method launch a fierce attack.

For Sohu it, because they have occupied the position of input boss, of course, always alert to prevent them from catching up may be, for Sohu, in addition to input method other than Google, can bring its impact, it was only Tencent input method, and other potential input method better, also owned by the mob, but was not Sogou input method with the challenges of financial strength, while Sogou Sohu, as the only successful network platform, of course not be lost.

With the people knowledge about the status of input methods, with the large companies involved in input method, I believe the future war in the input field will rises higher, input method will strike it exciting World War II, let us wait and see.

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