Friday, October 22, 2010

92W? "AION" the chief captain prices hit record highs

92W? "AION" the chief captain prices hit record highs

Real-life value and price of goods is often a considerable gap exists, "not the best, but for the most expensive" is absolutely Shamao act! Very lucky, we "Aion" in all things have to buy equipment The value of things. Of course, if you are often deceptive and sinister business players, then it is another matter! Encountered stall players play less of a tragedy, "0" of the situation is not included, because this is an excellent value for money!

If you ask players, in "Aion," the equipment in the most difficult to "engage"? Achievements equipment? No! Only need to do mission success can be equipped with one day "abuse of street"! Town and falling equipment? not! Town experienced team in the face of any difficulty. Is undoubtedly the most difficult to get equipment into the abyss of Ou Bisi arms and packaged.

Ou Bisi is "Aion" in game currency outside another form of currency. Game players with large coin, often able to rely on a number of monopolistic behavior to increase their wealth, while Ou Bisi And it is not like a snowball as the snowballing, but the more difficult it is to have growing up! Even accidental death , the assassination of enemies will make you lose a lot of Ou Bisi, so it is more precious Ou Bisi!

Since it is a currency, it was consumer! In Oubi Si consumption in this regard, the principle that all players are surprisingly consistent - to only buy the best (most expensive of course)!

Ou Bisi equipment in the most expensive weapons, the "Tower of the eternal people" know. Captains over thousands of weapons the price range up to more than 610,000, the additional need of 62 gold medals. This astronomical figure, give viewers a headache. Headache headache go, however, there are still a small number of players broke through the numerous difficulties and dangers, through various tests, each fighting to server maintenance, experienced a 99 81 is difficult, ultimately God has touched ordinary people visible weapons grade !

As the chief captain series weapons more "universal" and some "God" class players have not had the kind of superiority complex and feel a sense of achievement! Yes, we need to pursue higher!

Now, new pursuit is coming, "Aion," the new version, Jing Xian Ou Bisi worth up to 920,000 elite commanders of thousands of weapons to a grand debut of the series soon!

Let us first take a look through the pictures, "it" in the style it!

From the modeling, the elite series is great, it is only a beautiful appearance created 920,000 Oubi Si's high price? Of course not, the player will not accept higher prices, "an embroidered pillow," the!

See comparison pictures

1. Name of the more elite the word. (Of course, this is not the point!)

2. No change in fundamental attributes. (This also is not the point!)

3. Additional attributes to add a. (Focus)

Judging from the data, crack chief captain series appear to have little improvement, only a simple increase of an additional property. But it is absolutely worthy of an attribute the increase in 300 000 Oubi Si! Approximately 20% attack speed (legal systems of arms for the casting speed) is equivalent to 20% improved power attack. But the price increased by 50%, is also a great regret, but the good things of value can not be simple calculation to calculation.

920 000 Ou Bisi astronomical weapons, I would like to know who is the dress, the first owner!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In-depth understanding of abstract class and interface

顥?顥?abstract class and interface is an abstract class for the Java language to support definition of the two mechanisms, precisely because of the existence of two mechanisms, it gives a powerful object-oriented Java ability. between abstract class and interface support for the abstract class definition has a very similar, even interchangeable, so many developers making the definition of an abstract class abstract class and interface for the choice was relatively arbitrary. In fact, between the two still have great differences, even for their choice reflects the understanding of the nature of the problem areas, for the understanding of design intent is correct and reasonable. This paper will be some differences between them analyzed, trying to provide developers with a basis to choose between the two.

顥?顥?understand the abstract class

顥?顥?abstract class and interface in the Java language are used for abstract class (abstract class in this article is not translated from the abstract class from which that is an abstract body, while abstract class for the Java language used to define the abstract class method, the reader is a distinction) is defined, then what is an abstract class, use the abstract class can bring us any good?

顥?顥?In object-oriented concept, we know that all of the objects are described by class, but in turn, is not the case. Not all classes are used to describe the object, if a class does not contain sufficient information to describe a specific object, so the class is an abstract class. Abstract class is often used to characterize the problem areas of our analysis, design, abstract concept derived, is a series of look different, but essentially the same concept of the abstract concrete. For example: If we carry out a graphic editing software, you will find there are problem areas round, triangle such specific concepts, they are different, but they are both belong to the shape of such a concept, the concept of the shape of the field in question is not exist, it is an abstract concept. Because the field of the abstract concept does not correspond to specific concepts, so are used to describe abstract concepts of the abstract class can not be instantiated.

顥?顥?object-oriented field, the abstract class type is mainly used to hide. We can construct a fixed set of abstract description of behavior, but behavior of this group but can have any number of possible concrete implementation. This abstract description is an abstract class, and this group of any number of possible concrete realization of the performance of all possible derived classes. Modules can operate as an abstract body. As the module relies on a fixed abstraction, so it can not allow changes; the same time, derive from this abstraction, but also extend the behavior of functions in this module. Readers familiar with the OCP must know that in order to achieve one of the most object-oriented design core principles OCP (Open-Closed Principle), an abstract class is one of the key.

顥?顥?see from the syntax level, abstract class and interface

顥?顥?In the syntax level, Java language for the abstract class and interface definitions are given different ways to define the following abstract class called Demo example to illustrate this difference.
顥?顥?way of using abstract class abstract class Demo defined as follows:

顥?顥?abstract class Demo (
顥?顥?顥?abstract void method1 ();
顥?顥?顥?abstract void method2 ();

顥?顥?way of using the interface defined Demo abstract class as follows:

顥?顥?interface Demo (
顥?顥?顥?void method1 ();
顥?顥?顥?void method2 ();

顥?顥?In the abstract class in the way, Demo can have their own data members, can also be a member of a non-abstarct method, and in the interface mode of implementation, Demo can only have static data member can not be modified (that is to be static final, but generally not defined in the interface data members), all members of the methods are abstract in. In a sense, interface is a special form of abstract class.

顥?顥?From the programming point of view, abstract class and interface can be used to implement "design by contract" idea. However, the specific use of the above there are some differences.

顥?顥?first, abstract class in the Java language that is a kind of inheritance, a class can only use an inheritance. However, a class but can implement multiple interface. Perhaps this is the Java language, Java designers to consider support for multiple inheritance of a compromise to consider it.

顥?顥?Secondly, in the abstract class definition, we can give the default behavior of methods. But in the interface definition, the method can not have the default behavior, in order to circumvent this restriction, you must use the proxy, but this will add some complexity, sometimes causing serious trouble.

顥?顥?In the abstract class can not define the default behavior There is another more serious problem that may cause maintenance problems. If you later want to change classes because of the interface (usually through the abstract class or interface to that) to adapt to new circumstances (for example, add a new method or methods used to have to add new parameters), they will very much trouble may take a lot of time (for the derived class a lot of cases, particularly). However, if the interface is achieved through the abstract class, so may only need to modify the definition of the abstract class in the default behavior on it.

顥?顥?equally, if not in the abstract class defined in the default behavior, it will lead to the same method to achieve the abstract class in a derived class for each violation of the "one rule, one place" principle, resulting in code duplication, the same not conducive to future maintenance. Therefore, in the abstract class and interface to choose between to be very cautious.

顥?顥?see from the design level, abstract class and interface

顥?顥?above the main syntax and programming from the perspective discusses the difference between abstract class and interface, the difference between these levels is relatively low-level, nonessential. The section from another level: abstract class and interface design reflected, to analyze the difference between the two. The author believes that this level of analysis to understand the essence of both concepts.

顥?顥?As already mentioned, abstarct class in the Java language embodies a succession of relationships, in order to make a reasonable inheritance, the parent class and derived class must exist between the "is a" relationship, that is the parent class and derived class In essence, the concept should be the same (Ref. 銆?銆?in on "is a" relationship of the large size of in-depth discussion, interested readers can refer to). For the interface it is not, does not require interface implementation and interface definition of the concept is essentially the same, only the interface definition of the contract to achieve it. To make discussion easy to understand, following a simple example will be explained.

顥?顥?consider an example, assume that the problems in our area, there is a abstraction on the Door, the Door is open and the implementation of two moves close, then we can define abstract class or interface that the abstract concept of a type of approach were defined as follows:

顥?顥?way to use the definition of abstract class Door:

顥?顥?abstract class Door (
顥?顥?顥?abstract void open ();
顥?顥?顥?abstract void close ();

顥?顥?use interface as defined Door:

顥?顥?interface Door (
顥?顥?顥?void open ();
顥?顥?顥?void close ();

顥?顥?Door other specific types can use the abstract class approach extends the definition of the Door, or implements methods to use interface defined Door. Appear to use the abstract class and interface is not a big difference.

顥?顥?If you are asking the Door also has alarm function. How do we design a class structure for the example of it (in this case, primarily to display abstract class and interface design concept is reflected in the difference, other issues have done nothing to simplify or ignore)? The following will set out the possible solutions, and from the design level of these different options for analysis.

顥?顥?Solution 1:

顥?顥?simple increase of the Door in the definition of an alarm method, as follows:

顥?顥?abstract class Door (
顥?顥?顥?abstract void open ();
顥?顥?顥?abstract void close ();
顥?顥?顥?abstract void alarm ();


顥?顥?interface Door (
顥?顥?顥?void open ();
顥?顥?顥?void close ();
顥?顥?顥?void alarm ();

顥?顥?The AlarmDoor then an alarm definition as follows:

顥?顥?class AlarmDoor extends Door (
顥?顥?顥?void open () (...)
顥?顥?顥?void close () (...)
顥?顥?顥?void alarm () (...)


顥?顥?class AlarmDoor implements Door (
顥?顥?顥?void open () (...)
顥?顥?顥?void close () (...)
顥?顥?顥?void alarm () (...)

顥?顥?This method violates the object-oriented design of a core principle of ISP (Interface Segregation Priciple), the definition in Door to Door concept inherent in the concept of behavioral approach and the other "alarm" of the mixed method together. So caused a problem that only depends on the Door module concept because of "warning devices" is the concept of change (姣斿: Modify alarm Fangfa of parameters) changed, otherwise still.

顥?顥?Solution 2:

顥?顥?Since the open, close and the alarm are two different concepts, they should be according to the principle of ISP were representatives of the two concepts defined in the abstract class. Defined methods are: the two concepts are defined using the abstract class methods; the two concepts are defined using the interface means; a concept means using the abstract class definition, another definition of the concept of using the interface mode.

顥?顥?Clearly, Java language does not support multiple inheritance, so the two concepts are defined using the abstract class approach is not feasible. Behind the two methods are feasible, but for their choice is reflected in the concept of problem areas for the understanding of the nature, reflect the design intent is correct and reasonable. We are 11 to analyze, explain.

顥?顥?If the two concepts are defined using the interface method, then reflects two problems: 1, we may not have a clear understanding of problem areas, AlarmDoor the concept of nature in the end is the Door or alarm? 2, if we do not understand the problem domain issues, such as: Through the analysis of the problem areas found AlarmDoor conceptual in nature and Door is the same, then we realized when we failed to reveal the correct design intent, because In the definition of these two concepts (both ways using the interface definition) and do not reflect the meaning.

顥?顥?problem areas if we are to understand that: AlarmDoor concept of essence in the Door, while it has an alarm function. How are we to design, implementation to reflect specific we mean? As already mentioned, abstract class in the Java language that a kind of inheritance, and inheritance in nature "is a" relationship. Therefore, the concept for the Door, we should use abstarct class way to define. In addition, AlarmDoor has an alarm, indicating it can complete the definition of the concept of the behavior of police, so police can interface define the concept. As follows:

顥?顥?abstract class Door (
顥?顥?顥?abstract void open ();
顥?顥?顥?abstract void close ();
顥?顥?interface Alarm (
顥?顥?顥?void alarm ();
顥?顥?class AlarmDoor extends Door implements Alarm (
顥?顥?顥?void open () (...)
顥?顥?顥?void close () (...)
顥?顥?顥?void alarm () (...)

顥?顥?This approach can basically be able to clearly reflects our understanding of the problem areas, the right reveals our design intent. In fact, that is the abstract class "is a" relationship, interface that is "like a" relationship, we can, as in the choice of a basis, of course, is based on the understanding of problem areas, such as: If we that the concept is essentially AlarmDoor alarm function also has the Door, then the way would turn the definition.


顥?顥?abstract class and interface is the Java language in the definition of abstract class of two ways, among them a great similarity. However, the choice for them but often reflect problems in the field of concept for the understanding of the nature, reflect the design intent is correct, reasonable, because they showed the different relationships between concepts (although both can achieve demand function). Actually, this is a language of idioms, I hope readers will feel for a friend.


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Friday, October 8, 2010

Struts framework in the Session object to create and control

Let me first explain to the session object created in the web development and sessionId generation and returned to the client operating system.

session object when the client first visit, create a new session object. and also generate a sessionId, sessionId in the response will form in response packet back to client browser more memory or a way to rewrite the url returned to the client, to keep the entire conversation, as long as the sever side of the session object is not destroyed, later calling request.getSession () when directly under the client's sessionId to retrieve the generated server-side session object and returns, not again go to New , except in accordance with the sessionId not retrieve session object.

The following is tested in IE, because of a BUG is IE6.0 privacy settings even if IE is to prevent all cookie, they still will be a session cookie to save sessionId. So here are based on the session cookie to discuss

(1) in the server does not shut down, and destroy the object in the session time, when the client again to request the servlet or jsp server side, it will be the first request generated sessionId, and with the information in the request header to the server end send, server-side after receiving sessionId sessionId will go under the search (this process is transparent) server session corresponding to the object and directly back to the session object, this time not to re-establish a new session object.

(2) When the server shut down (prior to the session object generated also disappeared), or the session object after the destruction of time, none of the browser window, and again in the browser window to request the servlet and jsp sever-side when At this point the same will sessionId (server down or destroyed when the session generated sessionId) sent to the server side, server based sessionId find the corresponding session object, but the session object does not exist at this time, at this time will re-generate a new session object, and generate new sessionId and the same will be the new generation of sessionId in response to messages sent to the browser in the form of memory.

(3) When the server does not shut down, and session object in the destruction of time, when the request for a jsp page back to the client, close the browser window, this time his memory sessionId along with it the destruction, to request the re- sever-side of the servlet or jsp, it will re-generate a sessionId to the client browser, and there browse memory.

The above theory is set up to test the servlet, the following talk about the struts framework of the above tests of different places.

Under the first test procedure summary that process:

Client requests> enter the server side IndexAction ---> Turn login.jsp page -----> request> into server-side LoginAction.

First note: IndexAction session object is not to produce, login.jsp set.

(1) Environmental servlet + jsp:

In sevlet + jsp test track, the shift in login.jsp, after entering IndexAction when the browser at this time in memory there is no session cookie, then enter the login.jsp on request LoginAction, the use of request. getCookies () test, its value is null it! result is stable together, because from the beginning had set the final session did not produce it!

(2) Environmental struts + jsp:

In struts + jsp test track, the same as with the above process, began to think the result should be the same, but after debugging and found the result is not thought so. Later in the into LoginActoin with request.getCookies ( ) tests, we found that its value is not null, that he has a name and value, began to not understand, because there is no create-off session object, it would be no session cookie value. But the result, so think of this time here memory devices also should have a session cookie, the problem is here! come from?

Later, after careful consideration, the thought of struts in the characteristics of writing our own struts Action class is the successor of Action, and is the result before the struts ActionServlet the central controller to control the steering, so I think certainly in the process into my own IndexAction written before, struts framework of the code certainly has created a session object and has generated sessionId. So to find relevant books on the workflow and see the ActionServlet calls which class, which really looked after seeing HttpSession session = request. getSession (); this sentence! then answer it is clear which.

We all know that struts the ActionServlet class, receiving our client's request (*. do) after (before a series of initialization will do the work), not directly to deal with our request and calls the corresponding Action (if we write IndexAction), but the processing to the RequestProcessor class, the process method will call the appropriate number of methods to accomplish the request handling and steering operation. a way which attracted my attention, is processLocale () method.

Struts Framework: RequestProcess class processLocale () method of prototype as follows:


protected void processLocale (HttpServletRequest request,

HttpServletResponse response) (

/ / Are we configured to select the Locale automatically?

if (! moduleConfig.getControllerConfig (). getLocale ()) (



/ / Has a Locale already been selected?

HttpSession session = request.getSession ();

if (session.getAttribute (Globals.LOCALE_KEY)! = null) (



/ / Use the Locale returned by the servlet container (if any)

Locale locale = request.getLocale ();

if (locale! = null) (

if (log.isDebugEnabled ()) (

log.debug ("Setting user locale '" + locale + "'");


session.setAttribute (Globals.LOCALE_KEY, locale);



Such in the struts-config.xml configuration file in the corresponding configuration items: its default state locale property is true, also would call processLocale method and the first request to create session objects and generate sessionId. but to false after the first request would not reach the ActionServlet calls processLocale method, there could not generate a session object.

The results also come out in the struts application, *. do arrive after the server-side through the ActionServlet, turn to our own IndexAction written before, (the default state ), they have produced a session object and sessionId, which is generated struts framework of the class, even if we write in IndexAction in HttpSession session = request.getSession (); it is RequestProcess class processLocale () method generated At this point the session of the isNew also still true, because it has not returned to the client, which is newly created, then in accordance with the above process, when adopted in the login.jsp into LoginAction, its request.getCookies () of course also has a value! and its value is RequestProcess class processLocale () method produces the generated session object.

If we add in the struts-config.xml when, at this time if another process to track according to the above procedure, and LoginAction with request.getCookies () test, its value is null, of course, write in IndexAction HttpSession session = request.getSession (); when it is time to enter IndexAction newly created, isNew is true. (

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The world through direct sales agents for the controlled

Hainan Business Bureau on July 21 涓婂崍 accepted an interview with China Youth Daily said, "World Link" company was involved in illegal pyramid scheme (newspaper on July 18 has been the subject report) by the Ministry of Public Security and SAIC recognized, Hainan Provincial Industry and Commerce of this alleged illegal conduct to crack down on pyramid schemes.

Trade and Industry Bureau of Hainan Province, according to Fair Trade and Consumer Protection Commissioner Yang Guang introduced investigate the "World Pass" by SAIC, the Ministry unified plan, provincial Public Security Bureau, unified action.

Hainan Provincial Public Security official told reporters that the relevant, current, security system, investigated the "World Pass" unified plan by the Ministry of Public Security, the police investigated mainly in Jiangsu Province.

Yang Guang said, "World Link" companies of national laws against pyramid schemes very thorough study, it registered a branch in some places, but these branches do not develop off the assembly line, just make investment and advertising policy to allow the matter and use it as cover, while the development of offline entirely registered in Hong Kong "world links" between companies and individuals to complete. Therefore, the local business sector is difficult to grasp the evidence that they suspected pyramid selling, only to remind people invest prudently to avoid being taken.

Yang Guang said that once the complaints received and the distributor, the availability of evidence, the business sector, the public security departments will jointly crack down, before the business sector in Hainan Province on the "World Pass" suspected pyramid selling cases were investigated. This year in March, the Bureau of Hainan Province Command Lingao County Public Security Bureau of Industry and Commerce Bureau and take away the "World Pass" dens in Lingao County. The dens located in a temporary village in Kaohsiung County, the investigation process, there are indications that there are only dozens of the village participated in the "World Pass" suspected pyramid schemes.

Yang Guang said the State Administration for Industry and the Ministry of Public Security has identified a "World Pass" and related business activities, contains two elements, first, illegal pyramid schemes, and secondly, it is illegal fund raising. It does have only identified the nature of pyramid schemes, illegal pyramid schemes we say it, the ultimate authority of the department will be qualitative if it is MLM.

According to the relevant departments in Hainan provides a material, government departments have already mastered the "World Pass" in the list of agents across the country, the agents involved in Hainan, Guangxi, Henan, Beijing, Shanghai and other 10 provinces.

The material forming the end of 2008 that: "Shiyong Bing Tong Hong Kong International Technology Co., Ltd. on behalf of the world, all over the country to sell mobile phone software products 'World Pass' in the name of the development of the so-called agents, the development of large numbers of people, has been involved in recent hundreds of thousands, a huge amount of money involved, participants, including urban residents, enterprises and institutions as public servants. a lot of people dream of holding wealth, can not be controlled, unable to extricate themselves, one after another holding 'gamble' mentality, by a loan shark , real estate mortgage financing occupation, etc., to register the identity of companies or individuals contract with the company, many people in or from relatives and friends to pull strings introduced by identifying agents, the development of offline.

Currently, the company filled a rolling cycle of funding gaps, until the new members of Gouka shall not be offset by the return of old members click on the ads section, the vast marketing network will face the danger of collapse, so Gouka who lose everything, is prone to lead criminal cases and group events, to community unrest. "

According to the relevant departments in Hainan Province said, "World Pass" in Hainan, several major agents, have been controlled.


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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kaspersky: vigilance good at disguising the "beauty" release device Trojan

Kaspersky Lab has recently intercepted a kind of disguised self-image will be "Beauty" release device Trojan (Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Microjoin.ap). While the Trojan is relatively simple function, but because of its deceptive strength, so we have to remind the user attention. This Trojan will be disguised as a picture file, to induce users to click to run it.

Once the user runs it out of curiosity, will immediately show a beautiful picture. But this is only superficial, the Trojan hidden in the background release weijie.exe file to the system temporary directory and run. Then weijie.exe file will automatically download and other malicious code network to a user's computer and run. These malicious program hidden in the user's computer to monitor the user's operation on the time and data, waiting for an opportunity to steal the user's important information, such as online game accounts, passwords and other confidential information to the user or data caused huge economic losses.

Currently, Kaspersky has been able to successfully killing the virus, we recommend that you update the virus database for killing as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary losses.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Input why the war continued?

Sogou input method input method in the war, after Google, has another input method with Tencent strength than on the alleged "Search Dog" are sued, "Tencent" unfair competition, the user QQ Pinyin input method to prevent the use of destructive techniques network users to use the "Sogou Pinyin input method" software, while Internet users to input the order of human intervention, so that "Sogou Pinyin input method" sort position is always "QQ Pinyin input method" after ... ...

One who is wrong, best left to the courts to sentence, but the war continued input why do?

The original input for the computer to adapt to the times the product of non-alphabetic writing has always been the people as a non-inflow is a small tool for software, for the Chinese input method is concerned, although the Chinese invented in the input side out hundreds of thousands of species of the type all sorts of input, but also several common types of input method, but can also input method called mainstream ten species, and so far no company that can make the most money by input method.

As people understand the concept of deepening of the network, input method platform features increasingly obvious, application of radiation through the platform, making the status of input from a small tool to be used with the strategic value of a network platform. Through the input of the platform can interact with other applications, reports that: Sohu Sogou input method by successfully making Sohu search market share increased by 1 to 2 percentage points. This shows the role of input, not just enter the text that simple.

Therefore, it is seen that, Tencent said in the input can be the next big original capital to 10 million more than the cost of acquisition of an input group, and on the input high hopes, to build it into inter QQ outside the second network platform, and cross into the horns of the QQ potential, to achieve this strategic objective, taken all the way to quick success Sogou input method launch a fierce attack.

For Sohu it, because they have occupied the position of input boss, of course, always alert to prevent them from catching up may be, for Sohu, in addition to input method other than Google, can bring its impact, it was only Tencent input method, and other potential input method better, also owned by the mob, but was not Sogou input method with the challenges of financial strength, while Sogou Sohu, as the only successful network platform, of course not be lost.

With the people knowledge about the status of input methods, with the large companies involved in input method, I believe the future war in the input field will rises higher, input method will strike it exciting World War II, let us wait and see.

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Whether img alt image tags to give property

Are you a img alt image tags to give property

It is easy to overlook the image img tag's alt attribute. However, its importance can not be reflected, it is beneficial to web accessibility and validation reasons. We did not attach importance to, now make up the alt attribute of the.

1, to obtain or set the image is not available or currently being downloaded and the case has not yet completed the replacement of the browser shows the title

2, to help visually impaired users and screen reader users to use the normal website.

When we encounter the problem of encoding, we can:

First, we need to burn the midnight oil

We encountered a problem, not terrible, the most important is the determination to solve the problem. This will be impressed. Master is such mixing on the.

Second, view the source code

What better way to approach you to learn HTML, not the copy of a hero? At first, we are copying and imitating others nice site! Then slowly, you begin to develop their own style / approach.

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