Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tax Link

Long-range tax: use of "tax through" declaration data directly through the phone line, do not need a computer, the full realization of the remote e-tax, easy tax to facilitate the enterprise to facilitate the individual.

* Tax e-report: use of "tax links", the full realization of statements electronically, you can "tax links" directly edit the required financial statements and other information the tax authorities, then the incoming data to the tax department's computer system, the full realization of remote electronic statements. Simple and convenient.

* Tax tax calculations: use "tax links" can be very convenient to calculate corporate, personal tax liability. Because the "tax links" in the store all the taxes the tax calculation method, you do not know the formula, we can quickly calculate the tax payable, so that taxpayers know what's what.

* Tax laws and regulations: use of "tax links", you can check the latest tax laws and regulations issued by the State.

* Tax Guide: Using the "tax links", can learn the basics of the latest tax and business tax returns of the general procedures. A phone, tax all pass.

Real-time updates: The West Financial Tech website to download the latest applications and the latest tax laws and regulations, ensure timely updates.

* General features: card management, handwriting input, email, infrared communication, English dictionary, luminous lighting, computers online, send a fax, shorthand, games, dozens of functions.

Safety: "tax links" with hardware encryption and password control technology and high security.

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